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One automatic sprinkler head (required by NFPA code) is furnished as standard equipment at the top of all chutes. On rubbish chutes in particular, additional sprinkler heads should be furnished at intermediate and lower levels.

A sprinkler at the top intake, at alternate floor levels and the bottom intake for linen, trash and recycling chutes, are required. These heads are normally installed in the top corner of the intake throat to protect them from falling

material and are hidden behind a shield to prevent water from spraying out of the intake door and to prevent material that is charged into the throat from contacting the head.


These automatic sprinkler heads fuse at 165° F to open up and flood the chute. When the fire is out, the fused heads must be replaced. The automatic sprinkler heads furnished with the chute should be piped in accordance with NFPA standards.


Internal facility chutes should be flushed periodically to keep them clean. A flushing spray head is furnished at the top of each chute as standard equipment. When supplied with water (hook-up by others), the head radiates a flow of water to the inner chute wall. The water will tend to channel when first started but will spread out as cleaning occurs. How often and how long the chute should be flushed depends upon many variables such as chute usage, size, condition, water temperature and pressure.



A disinfecting and sanitizing unit is sometimes requested for trash, linen and/or recycling chutes to control odor and bacteria (hook-up by others). The unit is comprised of a reservoir tank and proportioning valve which is located above the top intake of a chute. It injects a disinfecting solution into the water flow from the flushing spray head system.




The Access Door (installed by others), located above the top intake of the chute, allows access to the valves that operate the flushing spray head and/or sanitizing unit. The access door is 15” X 15”, side hinged, constructed of stainless steel, and is classified for a UL 1½ hour fire rating and a maximum temperature rise of 250º F 30 minute label.

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