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Why Chutes?

Trash chutes for multi-level buildings are a must in many areas.  In these types of buildings, carrying trash up and down floors simply is not feasible, and having a valet service may be cost-prohibitive.  These issues are magnified in senior living environments and taller buildings.


Moving trash through buildings presents an opportunity for bags to break open or drip.  This can lead to stains and odors on carpets and flooring.  Some tenants may also want to simply leave the trash bags outside their door, waiting until the next time they go. But even for a short duration, this can create safety hazards and/or fire code violations. 


High-rise apartment buildings have dense populations, which means a significant amount of trash can accumulate quickly. Trash chutes for apartment buildings are an easy way to deal with large amounts of waste. They are a safe and sanitary option for efficient trash transition.


Trash chutes for apartments, offices or mixed-use buildings are designed to be installed inside of (fire rated) vertical shafts that allow the trash to be disposed of on each floor (or alternate floors as the building design requires).  

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